Easy Escapes: Seaside Oregon

Brandon (my photographer) and I usually work six to seven days a week. Content creation is a constant for us, whether it's for our clients, or for me. I need a good getaway every month to clear my head and be inspired by the new objects around. And while most people appreciate time off, you'll also appreciate a new place to create from. Residing in Portland, OR has definitely taught me that there are other towns that can inspire you, especially Seaside.

Initially, I had no clue whatsoever about Seaside. A friend who’s been here assured me it was beautiful—and that all those professional athletes who keep cottages there in the summer off-season can’t be wrong.

In Portland, I’m always on the go. My day starts early with 6 a.m. breakfast and ends with late-night content scheduling to stay ahead. It can make me feel overworked, plus the city is so plain at times. Sometimes I crave fresher air and more open space, and Seaside has been the perfect place. I was happy to link up with Brandon and create content in a totally new place, less than two hours away by car.

The first excursion, we stopped at Seaside Coffee Roasters, which looks like it was born to appeal to digital nomads. The airy space, which resides along an especially interesting stretch of Holladay Drive, sports brown walls (perfect for a matching coat), a warm homey seating area, and couches that will put you to sleep. Needless to say, their mocha packs a potent punch and comes in a glass big enough to keep you conscious for at least two days straight.


Next, we began shooting immediately. With enough caffeine in our bodies, it was time to get down to business. With outfits lined up from Asos, Killonest, and Express we already knew we looked good, now it was up to the scenery.

So serene and peaceful—the opposite of the traffic, construction, bus delays, and other typical Portland aggravations. Turns out, Seaside was the perfect place to shoot. I didn’t want to leave.

Christopher Chin