The Perfect Sneaker To Complete Your Summer.

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For years, Nike Air Max sneakers have been a dominant force in the United States athletic-footwear market, especially here in Oregon. Thanks to consistent advertising, game-changing technology, and an authentic connection with die-hard fans, it doesn't seem like a brand could take over Nike's reign. This year, Nike has widened the gap even further by providing the ultimate summer shoe.

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We all know summer is approaching its end with Fall right around the corner, but recently I've had the pleasure to partner with Nike to style the new Air Max 270 React sneakers, and let me tell you this: you're not squeezing summer hard enough without this sneaker.

My first impression of the Nike Air Max 270 Reacts was at a shared office space, where it was gifted from a good friend. The comfort I felt on the first day I broke them in was great. A comfortable, stylish sneaker, what more could you ask for, right? Then, after scoring the Psychedelic Colorway from Nike (Shoutout to Campdigital), I realized I did summer all wrong. The unique color palette and futuristic design make you the life of any party, summer barbeques included.

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I had the pleasure of wearing this sneaker to a few events, and the unique design adds life to any outfit. In these outtakes, I decided to pair the Air Max 270 Reacts with simple, washed-out denim jeans along with a white twill jacket.

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Whether you're a summer person or not, you shouldn't let it end softly. These sneakers are perfect to get your last-minute FLEX.

Christopher Chin